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1 Feb 07, 2009 04:34    

this totally sucks, but I need to do an image slide show with music in the background. NOT FOR ME! I don't do music in the background okay?

(cue the tiny violins, please) My sister's dying husband's dog died suddenly. So she finally wants to use her domain name (with b2evolution of course) to put up a slide show of doggie pictures and have some sort of music in the background. I HOPE I can convince her to not have the music autoplay, but ... aw crap it's a dying husband's dead dog :'(

So what would be the easiest way to do this? I want to avoid third party stuff like flickr or whatever because it's like pulling teeth from a duck to explain this stuff over the phone. Someone know a good javascript or whatever that can do a slide show? Or wow maybe we already have a plugin that'll take care of her needs?

PS it was a butt-ugly dog.

4 Feb 07, 2009 13:09

Thanks! I forgot about SimpleViewer and the "slide them around" flash thing because I'm just not much on multiple photos. I'll also be checking out the phpslideshow thing but notice it says to put it in the folder with the media so that's a bit scary for a blog that does media the way ours do.

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