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1 Feb 14, 2009 11:59    

Something to wate some time with

Hint: Close one eye. My score went from mid teens to 2.5

2 Feb 14, 2009 12:15

Overall score: 5.97 Both eyes open :D


3 Feb 14, 2009 16:19

Yeah that was cool. First time I found it I thought I was smart. "Find the midpoint of the line segment" does not say "find the point closest to both ends of the line segment" so I pulled the midpoint way the hell out. FAIL!

6 Feb 14, 2009 19:59

3.91, driven by one horribly blown "center of the triangle" things at 13.6. A 10 on one of the "circle center" bits didn't help either eh? It quite sucked to get a .4 on a "make a right angle" when my angle was correct but the length of my line was shorter than the existing line :(

I'm thinking the tiny little tremors I still get when I try to focus my hands on a task help because I don't try hard. I just say "good enough" and let go before I see the shakes happening :)

7 Feb 20, 2009 14:53

3.77 first try (both eyes open)

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