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1 May 05, 2009 19:11    

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to mention that I am now posting on my blog almost daily. When I first started the Boomer Blog ( I was still working and not posting very often. I post in the sub-blog Bad Boomer's Place, and ping this site for inclusion in the latest updates list. Because I was not posting very often, my blog is no longer appearing in that list.

I am still pinging here with every post, and they are coming a lot more often now (I'm retired!). How can I get reconsidered for the latest updates list?

I am hoping for other Baby Boomers to ask to run their own blog on the Boomer Blog.


2 Jun 10, 2009 18:12

Hi dadepfan. The list of recently updated blogs has a couple of things to be known of. Which is potentially the fifteenth worst sentence I've ever constructed while sober. Firstly, it is human-managed. That means people have to churn through the posts that ping in to make the approval happen. Another thing is that the list is random in a random sort of way. I've seen myself there long after I posted something, but rarely see myself there right after posting. Thus it is possible you've been on that list ... just not at the time you were looking at it.

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