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1 May 28, 2009 19:39    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hi :)

B2evolution is great, but it is not a very friendly MOBILE blog. I would appreciate suggestions to improve the way the blog aspect view on MOBILES (I-PHONE, Smartphone..) such as what would be the best skin to use with the last version 2.4.6

Thank's a lot

2 Jun 02, 2009 18:32

Hi people,

This is interesting.
I would like to pass my web to mobile web.

What skin is better?
Can you give us some advice?


3 Jun 06, 2009 19:14

this topic has been around for a bit.

I think b2evo's take on this is that --- newer phones will have a full browser and will be able to handle any site.

That said, a lot of the mobile thing depends on your skin...

for example, if you go to our site w/ your mobile, it doesn't look too bad...

not perfect but renders nicely.

i actually tried creating a mobile friendly skin but that's way too much work. I also tried creating a redirect to a custom mobile.html type page but that used javascript and didn't work in all phones.

check out our site: <friendly mobile url> will redirect you to

again, not too bad from a mobile phone (at least most modern mobile)

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