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1 Jul 13, 2009 05:39    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.6


I would like to know if anybody is working /willing to work on a new plug-in to allow commenters to publish their location along their comment (using the w3c geolocation API: ). I am willing to help anybody on this topic, but I am not experienced enough to create a new plug-in from scratch.
On a second step, a map could be shown at the end of the posts, with locations of the comments left on the article.
Just an idea ^^ Any thoughts?

2 Jul 14, 2009 02:29

Hi the Doc.

look at the skeleton plugin and the other plugins to see how plugins are made. Look the docs at too.

It's a good place to begin ;)

3 Jul 14, 2009 03:10

Hi Walter,

Thank you for the directions! :) I will eventually give it a try if nobody else is interested... But I would prefer the other way ^^

Best regards

4 Jul 14, 2009 03:11

hum.. the other way is you helping someone to create the plugin?

DO you have some php skills?

5 Jul 16, 2009 03:39


This specification defines an API that provides scripted access to geographical location information associated with the hosting device.

The quote is from them, the bold is from me.

Geo location of the hosting device sounds to me like it'll always tell you where your server is for each commenter or poster. It won't tell you where their computing device. Or am I missing something?

I don't have them handy anymore, but I used to tinker with something that shows visitors by location based on IP address. That would give you a pretty good clue for most commenters and posters eh? The thing I used to play with was for back end stuff - so a domain owner could have all the fancy flag images and percentage breakdowns. Assuming there is still something free out there that does this then it might not be too hard to bring it to the public face of the blog.

I'm probably missing something.

6 Jan 21, 2010 09:20

Hi, sorry for the delay! I missed the fact that there were answers here !!!

@Walter: Yes, and yes... But not enough time :(

@EdB: Of course, it is the location of the user :) The "hosting device" is actually the browser that interprets the html, as fas as I understand.

The advantage of this compared to geoip (or geoip-free) approaches is that the user has control, so he can enforce its privacy if he wants to...

Well, anyway, thank you for your comments :)

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