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1 Jul 25, 2004 02:09    

As a recent refugee from comment spam, I'm very glad there is a blacklist. However, it is very short compared to the one maintained by Jay Allen for MT and I've been slowly plugging in items from that larger list into my own list. I have not "reported" any of these -- yet. I've a long ways to go to reach the end of his list which is over 1,700 entries.

My question is this: if I were to do the 'request abuse update' what would happen? Would I possibly get duplicates? Would those I've added to my list be submitted to Central?

2 Jul 25, 2004 11:51

Neither. Your local ones stay local, and the duplicates are ignored.

3 Jul 25, 2004 13:10

Thanks. That's what I'd suspected. I did read all that I could find but I just wanted to be positive.

4 Jul 25, 2004 22:17

I guess I should've also asked if it would be beneficial to others to go ahead and report these entries?

I just grabbed an update from central and at least 75% of the new entries in that update had already been covered by the entries I'd made from Jay Allen's list.

5 Jul 27, 2004 17:31

No, please don't report anything that you did not observe as actual recent spam. Many spammers just stop after a while. Adding those olders entries often just cloggs the list...

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