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1 Aug 20, 2009 17:54    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

It is really easy to do. In fact I have one. It digs into your rsc/flags folder and makes them be clickable like a smiley is. Yay? I thought it sucked because they're too little and don't have all the flags of the world in it, so I figured on doing something about that.

So now I have a plugin that has options for which part of the world (according to which is where the flags in the locales are credited to) you want to use flags from that will give you a 16 pixel tall flag upon clickety click.

Is it worth it to package this nicely? Or shall I just be happy I have it and use it in the one or two places I wanted it for?

2 Aug 20, 2009 19:11

I normally take the optimistic view and spend hours making it a muppet proof package .... I normally fail ... anyway, I normally do that and then make a post on my blog .... I have to increase content somehow huh? ;)


3 Aug 20, 2009 19:27

Lots of work is the drawback. Like, ripping into the rsc/flags/whatever folder was really REALLY easy. Basically "smilies plugin plus a tiny bit of work" and an assumption that each user still has the same flags in there.

Doing it by region really only has 2 values for me: European nations, and US States. To make it truly global in scope means to have options for ALL flags from everywhere. That means grabbing the flags, saving them with a name that won't get confused with another flag, resizing them to 16 tall, then doing the code stuff to (a) make each grouping be optionally included and (b) making the array for each group. Plus since I already decided to sort the array by code I (a) should make that an option and (b) gotta make sure the codes alphabetize the same way the nation-names would. Then there's the whole readme thing, which means I'd have to update zythepsary because the last time I used it I noticed a funny little flaw and an opportunity for improvement and I still haven't updated bopit on the update to the most recent update to killer_bees which will most certainly upset folks after they figure out what it does differently even though that is in the readme, which is how I found the funny little flaw. And the opportunity for improvement.

And I'm out of coffee so what would be the priority isn't hard to figure out.

* And what the heck is up with that linked page NOT having a region of the world called "Middle East"? I had no idea the middle east was in western asia but apparently that's the deal. Most assuredly, if I do this for public consumption SOMEONE will whine that there ain't no middle east and I must be some sort of communist pinko leftist liberal. And I'd hate to have to pop a cap on a random stranger. I'd rather get to know them and where they keep their valuables first ya know?

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