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1 Sep 17, 2009 05:56    

This plugin allows you to upload and manage files, track download statistic, and display links in your blog.

The plugin does not reveal direct links to your files, which gives you full control over the download process. You can set download speed for users and visitors, temporarily disable download of any file, restrict all downloads to registered users only, and much more.


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  • Download counter and detailed download statistic.

  • Multiuser support, independent downloads and stats for each user.

  • No direct links revealed, .htaccess protected upload directories.

  • "Nice" download links without using mod_rewrite e.g.

  • Password protected downloads.

  • Download limit for each file.

  • Member downloads for logged in users only.

  • Restrict downloads by user level.

  • Download speed limiting for users and visitors.

  • Section downloading and download resume support.

  • Proper handle of user download abort requests, so the download process stops immediately.

  • Full support of download manager programs like Reget, FDM, GetRight, FlashGet, DAP etc.

  • Download Groups/Categories.

  • Manual and automatic (scheduled) pruning of the old download stats.

  • Export download statistics as .CSV file.

  • Editor button allows you to easily embed download links into posts.

  • Optional email notifications of broken download links, missed files etc.

  • Customizable download page.

  • Full support of non-Latin filenames with spaces and/or special characters.

  • Localization support. Currently available in English and Russian.

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    2 Sep 17, 2009 06:12

    AND it obviously runs in the back office :)

    Looks much nicer than the third party thing I turned into a download tracker.

    Hey if someone right-clicks a link and does a "save as" does it still give them the file and you the info? Mine doesn't, which doesn't bother me so much as it might bother the dummy out there that can't figure out the alt text that says "right-click save as doesn't work - just click the link" means what it says ;)

    3 Sep 17, 2009 06:13

    Just do a test drive ;)

    It doesn't give a file on "right-click", and it shouldn't. It displays a nice page with direct download link, and then you can either use "save as" or wait 2 seconds before the download starts automatically.

    4 Apr 30, 2011 21:20

    Plugin updated. Now works in b2evo 4

    5 Aug 03, 2011 13:04

    sam2kb wrote:

    Plugin updated. Now works in b2evo 4

    thanx for the update. updated my own

    6 Feb 13, 2012 05:15

    I been looking. and haven't fount any thing. Do you have some thing just like this that doesn't cost us any thing.

    7 Feb 13, 2012 05:39

    As far as I know, there is no other plugin like that.

    8 Feb 13, 2012 05:43

    Thank You. I been looking and haven't fount any thing yet. I wish my PHP skills were better so I would make one.

    I could use one. The file Manager on this blog is not what I needed. I need some way of offering downloads for my users. If you have an idea on this. Please let me know

    9 Mar 09, 2012 13:18

    well I thought by now I would have have some kind of a reply, This is strange, Any way I won't pay for it.

    10 Mar 09, 2012 13:39

    What was the question? I already answered that there is no other plugin with similar functions.

    11 Mar 09, 2012 14:14

    Ok, sorry I must have missed that post. Thank You.

    12 Nov 20, 2013 16:51

    I use the plugin. Unfortunately, it only works with version 4 b2evolution.

    With version 5, it does not work for me. In the articles, the links do not appear.

    Works with you the download manager also with b2e Version 5?

    13 Feb 05, 2014 17:10

    I am using the Plugin "Dornloadmanager" with the b2evolution 4.
    With b2e version 5, it does not work.

    When I insert the link, it will not be recognized correctly.
    Maybe missing a code interpreter or a connection.
    There has probably been changes between b2e4 and b2e5.

    In the attached picture you will find the problem.

    Here is my old page (b2e4) with the download manager:

    Here the new page (b2e5) with the faulty download manager:

    The Download Manager works otherwise perfect. Only the automatic link on the homepage is missing.

    I do not know, where to look for. Can you please help me?

    Regards Joern

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