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1 Dec 14, 2009 20:40    

I think this is called a "CAPTURE". The same way, when you attempt to register on most forums these days, you are asked to "enter the characters in the image" - is there something similar I can use for those adding comments?

Thanks in advance.

2 Dec 14, 2009 22:00

I detest captcha, it only inconveniences humans ... search for edb's bobo box plugin ... it's a smidge nicer to humanity


4 Dec 14, 2009 23:57

That'd be the one ;)

It's still a "human jump through hoop" though ;)


5 Dec 25, 2009 13:33

I don't know what happened but as soon as I installed this the number of spam comments almost trippled!!! I'm going to re-configure the questions/answers but failing that might try recaptcha!

7 Dec 30, 2009 02:50

OK, well I've now got them both running - hopefully that will decrease the amount of nonsense spam I get! I'll leave it for a while and let you know how i get on...

Incidentally, the ReCaptcha plugin page is providing an invalid link to the download - either that or the designer has removed it. Anyone know what's going on there?

Cheers and Happy New Year

8 Jan 10, 2010 14:21

This has done it! No new spam of late...

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