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3.3.2 Photoblog and Albums

Started by on Jan 21, 2010 – Contents updated: Jan 21, 2010

Jan 21, 2010 01:21    

I would like to have pictures organized i groups, each group named ALBUM: (and folder name) on top of each group, and more than one group pr page when selecting INDEX.
See this picture example:
Categories I want to use to select similar pics like: Sundown, grandchildren and so on from all the pics folders for other purposes.
My first photoblog here:

Is this a good or bad idea?
If bad, can anyone give me som ideas how to fetch foldername and attach it to each indexgroup?

My knowledge in PHP programming is rather shallow.


Oct 22, 2010 17:28

Is possible the implementation of musepack and wavpack audio decoder?

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