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1 Jan 28, 2010 17:50    

I've had my blog for a while now and decided to refocus it. I just started doing something a tad crazy with my blog, [url=]Navarino Unincorporated[/url]. After watching the movie Julie & Julia and being inspired and a tad touched in the head, this computer geek decided to challenge himself to post 365 useful posts a geek would want to read on my blog this year. 365 posts is the goal in a single year all by my lonesome, that are worth the geek read. I'm almost a month into it and only have 343 posts left to write!! (hahahaha *sob* hold me).

I wanted to get the word out while this project is in it's infancy and hoped you'd be able to pass the word along so more of our fellow computer geeks could find my blog and watch my sad little efforts as I crash and burn. The way I figure it, it's always fun to watch a train wreck. If I wasn't the one doing this, I'd sure love to sit back and watch me lose my freaking mind trying to do 365 posts in a year that were worthy of the geek read.

My site and blog are non-commercial, there are no ads anywhere on it. I'm just a geek that wants share some fun and knowledge and figured out being a bit stupid and crazy couldn't hurt.

If you could please pass the word along to our fellow geeks to watch the fun or root for my upcoming mental breakdown, I'd appreciate it.

Vincent Navarino
[url=]Navarino Unincorporated[/url]

PS. My [url=]latest post[/url] was about the Apple iPad, err Etch-A-Sketch.

2 Jan 28, 2010 18:37

/me holds quard "there there" ... better now? ;)


3 Jan 28, 2010 19:34

*sniff* thanks *sniff* I just wanttoshareisthatsowrong? *sob*

Dont let go. :P

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