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1 Feb 03, 2010 15:32    

A few of my posts have got a *lot* of comments, and since they're naturally the ones that get visited a lot, they place quite a burden on the server, as well as making the page a lot bigger than it needs to be for download.

An option to have a post display with a "click to view comments" link instead of displaying several hundred comments would be nice!

2 Feb 23, 2010 00:25

What about these other ideas:
- paged comments
- show only most recent comments
- show comments that have been voted "most useful"

3 Mar 21, 2010 19:52

comment rating system is not the best IMO.. it was 1 to 5 radio buttons afai remember..

i dont see why would i want to rate a comment that way..
it's good for rating articles or posts, but as for the comments
"was the comment useful to you" - "yes" - "no" would suffice.

4 Apr 09, 2010 10:36

*my crap removed

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