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1 Feb 21, 2010 06:22    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how to change the width of the main column of the intense skin.

I've searched thru the whole forums, but I can't find it. Can I change it in the styles.css file or isn't it that simple?

Please give me all the feedback you can give me about this subject.

Greeting from Holland,


3 Mar 15, 2010 13:23

open up style.css, and paste the below at the very end of the file, or make the changes accordingly.. read the comments

#rap {width:1000px;/* 700 to 1000 added +300 px to the total width*/}
/*where am i going to use that gained 300px */
#content {width:740px; /* sidebar looks wide enough, lets add all to the content - changed 440 to 740*/}

#top {background: white;/*the white background used to be a image so that it doesnt expand when you increase width, just used a color white*/}

and of course, header and footer backgrounds are images too, so you have to resize and reupload them accordingly

4 Mar 15, 2010 21:43

thank you tilqicom

5 Mar 19, 2010 03:13

Thank's tilqicom !!!

I will try it tomorrow, as I am breaking my brainz on the search comments right now ^_^ .....

6 Jun 12, 2010 16:50

Just wanted to say thanks. This post got me in the right direction. I also had to tinker with the header & footer widths, but that wasn't too hard.

For anyone else trying, basically just search for '700' and '680' and increase them by 300 (or whatever width you want).

After that, you need to resize some pics but that's easy.

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