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1 Apr 20, 2010 18:29    

Re-posting bug as my previous posting was deleted without warning.

If you create an article with an issue date in the future and publish it, then a ping is sent out. The ping hits the other service which comes back to read your article. Your article can not be retrieved because the publish date is not yet valid so the ping is wasted.

If you change the issue date (amongst other attributes) then you are changing the url needed to access your article. Other pings and links to that article are now invalid, so a ping must be re-sent - but it is not.

The ping should be referred until the article may be shown and sent at the point it "goes live".
If any attribute that effects the url is changed then the ping must be re-sent.

Google likes blogs that change regularly. I write 4 articles a month, but I don't publish them all on the same day. I set their publish day in the future so they are released evenly.

2 May 01, 2010 06:09

This seems more like a feature request than a bug. Did you configure delayed pings in b2evo scheduler?

3 May 04, 2010 12:25

I have not touched the scheduler. I don't think the scheduler has anything to do with this.

If I update my article's issue date it changes the permanent url so a ping should be re-send to let people know the new address. e.g. old address:
http: //
to new address:
http: //

If the ping is sent out for a date in the future then what ever is listening for those pings will received the url, but won't be able to read the article and will probably drop it on the floor.

How can this be a feature?

4 May 11, 2010 13:32

I agree with david, it's a bug. I got the same problem on a blog. The blog publish an article every day. Articles are written with future date.

5 Jun 10, 2010 15:08

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6 Jun 10, 2010 15:23

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