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1 May 06, 2010 15:18    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3


When i'm logged on, firebug get me into this error :

 jQuery("ul.sf-menu").superfish is not a function

When not logged, i don't have javascript errors so i think it's the b2evo admin menu that is making these errors.

on IE8 i get this :

Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode
Ligne : 27
Caractère : 4
Code : 0

I have already updated Jquery o the latest stable version, i have found this blog post about this error :

but i don't know if it is really the same problem has i have.

Any help would very appreciated.

2 May 06, 2010 19:15

might be one of those hierarchy problems...try changing the order you load the scripts.. if you are trying to load that superfish.js whatever before the evo js's try loading it after, or otherwise..and make sure you do not load jquery twice /*one b2 loads, one you put manually may be..*/.. finally make sure your fancy plugins /*superfish.js etc.*/ are loaded after jquery, jquery ui and any ohter plugins it might require to function.

usually the best order is; /* suppose that you are willing to set up a gallery with a custom scrollbar and mousewheel to browse the images*/

b2 js calls,/* rollover.js, jquery.js etc.*/
jquery,/* if you are loading manually make sure b2 does not*/
jquery ui,
jquery tabs, /*needs jq ui*/
fancyscrollbars /* this needs mousewheel*/

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