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Minor language issue

Started by on Jun 09, 2010 – Contents updated: May 05, 2015

Jun 09, 2010 03:22    

b2evo 3.3.3

In the file inc/items/model/_itemlistlistlight.class.php, line 1128:
$title_array['posts'] = sprintf( T_('Limited to %d last days'), $this->limit );

The phrase "Limited to %d last days" is awkward in English; "Limted to last %d days" flows better, similar to the German: ,,Auf die letzen %d Tage begrenzt."

I'd recommend changing the English phrase for future releases.


Apr 15, 2015 06:01

Wow, this is still unchanged in the latest git code nearly five years later, but I did change my Esperanto translation from "Limigita al %d lastaj tagoj" to "Limigita al la pasintaj %d tagoj".

Apr 15, 2015 23:37

@zooplah, well this is indeed an old post. At some point we just lose this kind of posts that haven't been followed for several years. However, now that you found it and brought it back, the issue is already reported in Transifex and should be updated soon.

Thanks !

May 05, 2015 03:53

ok, done. will be fixed in v6.

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