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1 Aug 21, 2010 15:15    

I had a need for a plug-in which I couldn't find here, so I developed it.


Protect Code Plug-in.


Javascript code
This plug-in can be set to prohibit right click, ctrl+copy, keyboard keys, disable selection of text in selected divs, tables or entire html.
All settings can be modified according to your needs in the admin panel.

Includes custom Copyrights Alert


Download :


2 Aug 21, 2010 16:10

  1. can it still protect if Javascript is disabled

  2. can it stop me clicking "view" > "page source"

  3. can it stop me just looking at the temporary internet folder ( and FF version ) of your source

  4. can it stop me just creating a link to your page ( on my blog/local pc/whatever) and just right-clicking and selecting "save as"

  5. can it defeat wget http://domain.tld/protected_page.ext

  6. [/list:o] Seriously, no right-clicks are a total waste of bandwidth, if you upload it then it's stealable, either live with it or don't upload it Further reading if you're inclined @link [url=]html protection stuff[/url] ¥

3 Aug 21, 2010 17:21

I know it is sounds useless, website security is pretty much the same as home security, measures don't stop intrusion or theft, it merely slows it down, however the point of the plug-in is not to stop someone from stealing or copying content, it's merely a measure to exercise some form of control, in my case I was looking for a way that users won't open certain links in a new tab or in new window, this need is not from a security point of view but rather to have my visitors experience my site as I intended it to be experienced.

The answers to your questions points 1-5 is no and/or probably no, but luckily not everyone is a smart ass like you. (:

4 Aug 21, 2010 17:25

That's fair enough ... even if you did just call me an arse! ;)


6 Aug 21, 2010 17:29

You may wish to link to your plugin zip in your original post, then some smart arse could move it to the plugins forum ;)


8 Aug 21, 2010 17:41

No worries, fasten yer seatbelt yer about to take a flight ;)


9 Aug 21, 2010 17:51

Edited your title and description a smidge to reflect the move ;)

Feel free to edit your OP if you'd rather it said shit differently ;)


10 Aug 21, 2010 18:13

Cool, appreciate. I tend to over look the things that doesn't say error.

I will add new ones if they come, sometimes dum ideas leads to really good ones. (:

11 Aug 21, 2010 19:03

I hope so, cos I'm full of dumb ideas :D


12 Aug 22, 2010 01:24

I noticed that some sites display error page if javascript is disabled. I don't remember the site, sorry

The site also detected adblock and noscript extensions in my FF, and complained about them :)

My point is such "protection" will stop the majority of visitors from stealing your content... it will stop them from visiting the site again too ;)

13 Aug 22, 2010 15:06

You have a good point, but if we stop looking into it, we won't find an acceptable solution for it.

How good are you with JavaScript?

14 Aug 24, 2010 22:48

I'm not good at javascript :(

15 Aug 29, 2010 15:17

This is equally effective as the TSA at the airport (i.e. not very).

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