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1 Oct 06, 2010 07:09    

After considerable effort, I have canned b2evolution 4 alpha into a live GNU/Linux Debian distribution .iso file -suitable to be burned to cd media or either disk image/media be run under VirtualBox or VMware, or even Microsoft Hyper-V.

The Linux, Apache, [url=]MariaDB[/url][1], PHP (LAMP) stack supports the latest release of b2evolution for potential users who might want to familiarize themselves with b2 evolution without actually disturbing their machines. Further I have hacked a script that automatically creates an b2evolution database upon the Debian live initialization. The only thing the user of such Live Debian image/CD media has to do is fill out the fields to instantiate the b2evolution blogging software.

I am planning to release the free open source live Debian, LAMP, b2evolution bundle once I create a blog on how I went about the procedure. I do not know if there is any demand for such a live CD; however, noticing that the bandwidth for the 600MB download would make it prohibitive for me to host the repository, since I host my site in a cloud computing environment and I am charged by the actual resources used, possibly I will be looking for a repository that can handle appropriate volume.

I am interested in knowing if there will be any issues by my bundling of b2evolution into the Debian Live CD image.

Best Professional Regards.

[1] I am using [url=]MariaDB[/url] database instead of Oracle's MySQL due the unfriendly approach taken by the company towards open source.

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