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1 Oct 21, 2010 15:15    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

Greetings All,

I've been trying, in vain, to change the four images for the header for the Intense skin. I've set the page to randomly select an image every time the page is loaded. The page is (because I've not yet made the blog my main page). I'm viewing the page through IE 7.0.

The images are located in the skins/intense/rsc/img/headers folder. They are named h1.jpg, h2.jpg, h3.jpg, h4.jpg.

I've deleted the images and uploaded my own, but when I get to the folder and click on the image, it shows the original version. Even the thumbnails change to match what I've uploaded but when selected, it displays the original image.

I've also uploaded images named h5-h8, deleted the originals and renamed 5-8 to 1-4 still with no luck.

Is there a cache or another global folder where I need to replace these (h1-h4) files?


Jeff ò¿ó

2 Oct 22, 2010 15:29

Adding more images to the random header was one of the first things I did to the Intense skin. The steps are:

1. Update random number generator
2. Update _skin.class.php to allow the admin setting to pick a number greater than 4
3. Update style.css for new .headerX classes.

Getting upto nine random pictures (h1 - h9) is pretty easy. I haven't tried to get double-digits yet.

No, there is not a cache. It's in the folder you referenced: /skins/intense/rsc/img/headers/

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