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1 Oct 30, 2010 20:01    

My b2evolution Version: 4.0.1

When trying to ban spam referrers I am getting this:

Bad Request!

The parameters of your request are invalid.

If you have obtained this error by clicking on a link INSIDE of this site, please report the bad link to the administrator.

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Additional information about this error:

Missing crumb [antispam] -- It looks like this request is not legit.

This actually started today with 4.0.0, so I thought I'd upgrade on the off chance it was a bug that got fixed. I should have known better, since it hasn't always done it.

2 Oct 31, 2010 06:32

Already fixed in CVS, thanks for reporting anyway.

3 Feb 12, 2011 23:03

I'm having this problem - what is the fix?

I'm on v4 if that matters...

5 Feb 13, 2011 21:07

When will this version be a real release?

6 Feb 13, 2011 21:11

I have no idea, you better ask fplanque about it he's the one who makes releases.

7 Feb 28, 2011 03:34

Is that bug still in v 4.0.3? I doubt it.

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