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1 Nov 02, 2010 17:15    

In my new b2evo installation I need only "_core" and "sessions" modules, so I tried disabling all other modules in _application.php

Disabling "files" module:
Various errors in places where avatars are displayed, errors on post edit screen

Call to undefined function get_FileCache()

Disabling "collections" module:
Various blog-related errors in stats
Lots of blog-related related stuff still displayed like slugs tab, antispam, options on features tab, dashboard link.
For some reason tools controller is hidden along with custom plugin tabs :(

Disabling "sessions" module: kills b2evo completely

The only modules that do not trigger errors while disabled are "messaging" and "maintenance".

2 Nov 02, 2010 21:32

yes, ideally _core and sessions would work all by themselves but at this time files and collections are still tied in a little too deep.

Feel free to commit changes that all core and sessions to work even when the other modules are disabled.

3 Nov 02, 2010 21:55

A typical way to disable the code that gets in your way is this:

if( ! isset($collections_Module) )
{ // Blog module not installed:


(you can check in as many of these as needed)

4 Nov 02, 2010 22:39

Cool, I'll try to at least separate the "files" module

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