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1 Dec 01, 2010 20:30    

Plugin for easily adding [url=]Wibiya Toolbar[/url] to your website.

Download :

3 Dec 08, 2010 19:32

Nice one, this has been on my todo for a little while.


4 Dec 08, 2010 20:53

For some reason this plugin didn't work for me? Not sure why. I looked at the instructions from Wibiya and it said:

Copy the code from step one into your HTML template before the </body> tag.

I checked looked at the plugin and it places the javascript code in the <head> so I changed the function to


and it started working.


6 Feb 26, 2011 08:46

tilqicom wrote:

not at all

What does that mean?

8 Aug 24, 2011 10:44

Works very well, so simple to setup

Im just having a few issues with the recent post link nothing is showing up in the popup box?

I think i must have the rss feed url wrong?

9 Sep 03, 2011 21:03 should not have anything to do with the plugin. the plugin just does the basic integration and nothing else.

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