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Started by on Jan 23, 2011 – Contents updated: Jan 23, 2011

Jan 23, 2011 00:56    

Pages are a great way to display static content.It'd be nice to have a page hierarchy, so you can present your pages ie:

>Corporate (Lvl1 page)
>>About us (Lvl2 page)
>>>History (Lvl3 page)
>>Organization (Lvl2 page)
>Contact (Lvl1 page)

and this way, you can have a nice dropdown "top-menu" or a split menu.

Mar 02, 2011 00:51

I created a few child pages on my blog site. I would like to create posts to the child pages only. How can I do this? :?: 8|

For example I have a page setup like this

>Page 1
>>>(I can only put posts on Page 1)
>>Child Page 1
>>>(I want to put posts on Child Page 1)
>>Child Page 2
>>>(I want to put posts on Child Page 2)


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