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1 Jan 26, 2011 20:11    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I saw disqus give twitter users the ability to leave comments via their twitter accounts. Is there any widgets that can be used at the end of b2evolution posts?

3 Feb 08, 2011 16:46

L, I read the blog 2008 blog post on Sweetcron: The Free & Open Source Lifestream Blog Software on the link

Yes, this is what Discus does. It pulls you comments and e-news article opinions from around the internet to one central source.

The Sweetcrom developer coder has since switched - migrated from Sweetcrom to Posterous.


I've downloaded the Discus widget and use it in the right column of my pixelgreen template. I would like to use it at the bottom of each post instead of using it in the right column of the blog. It says it works everywhere but I don't see a button for b2evolution and I've put so much time into my blog and I chose b2evolution after WordPress and Blogger. So I used the Universal Code option at the bottom of the page. (The universal code is a generic JavaScript snippet that can be implemented anywhere.

I would like to figure out how to put it at the bottom of each post. I see that I can create custom fields in my blog but I don't think the Java code would work here would it?

4 Dec 28, 2019 05:38

I am a big fan of disqus and have used it on my other blogs, anyone know if this plugin works for 6.11 B2evolution would like to have it.

5 Dec 28, 2019 11:19

hiven your interest, How come you haven't tried it?

6 Dec 29, 2019 00:58

I was hoping to hear from someone who has it working rather than being the one to spend the next 5 hours discovering that it doesnt work. the last post on here about it is for version3 we are now on version 6. hardly hopeful of it. hence my post. are you always this enigmatic? do you use it? does it work? what version are you on if so?

7 Dec 29, 2019 11:50

enigmatic, not sure, obviously sometimes you think. I'll have to do a search on that.

Enigmatic : ADJECTIVE

difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
"he took the money with an enigmatic smile"
mysterious · puzzling · hard to understand · mystifying · inexplicable · baffling · perplexing · bewildering · confusing · impenetrable · inscrutable · incomprehensible · unexplainable · unfathomable · indecipherable · Delphic · oracular · ambiguous · equivocal


I thought it was quite clear in that I was asking why you didn't try it yourself, which you have answered.

Well that's one good thing about old posts, personal topics may not be noticed.

Regarding plugin.

I don't juse Disqus so it would be even more work for me to test it. Have you seen which says it was working for b2evo version v5 some advance on v3

Hmm! again. That page doesn't provide a link ?

OK I have an account with disqus and have looked at
but have other things to do for a while

All the best.

If I get it working I'll start a new post

8 Dec 30, 2019 03:20

@amoun wrote earlier:

Have you seen which says it was working for b2evo version v5 some advance on v3

I had seen it but only caught the comment about v3, not that it was working in v5 which I now see at the top, thanks for pointing it out. I will look at it at some point and test it out on 6.11.4. I am not sure I want comments on there just yet, I am still building content, but will definitely want to use disqus when I do.

incidently, I could have sworn I wrote "pedantic" not "enigmatic", it was certainly what I meant... I think my Grammarly plugin is sneakily changing my words on this site but havent yet figured how to turn it off. But you have been helpful, so at this point I take it back anyway. thanks :)

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