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Ipad & b2evolution

Started by on Feb 09, 2011 – Contents updated: Feb 09, 2011

Feb 09, 2011 10:17    

Hello readers,

Blogging from Ipad with b2 evolution works fine.
However uploading images from Ipad to the b2 files is not possible.
You can connect existing images from the b2 directory but
you can't browse the ipad for the images and then "quick upload" like you would do on any Windows machine.
Does anybody know a solution :?:
As we are going to travel and blog we would like the Ipad for this and add the images of the day.

Regards Ron Kloosterman

Feb 11, 2011 12:21

This one could be a little tricky. I haven't done any of this so I am really just thinking out loud.

You could try setting up blog by email in b2evo and see if that would work. If b2evo supports image attachments then this could be a pretty cool solution (someone else would have to confirm that though)

Otherwise I would just use different service to host the pictures. Set up a flickr account, email your photos to your flickr photostream:

Then add the images to your blog posts using the links from flickr.


Jul 06, 2012 14:35

garylester wrote:

Yes i use my ipad for blogging with no problems!

How do you insert images?
If I go to the filemanager to insert a image I can select one,
but when I click to insert image tag - nothing happens.
I would like to create postings with more than one image.
So inserting the image tag would be fine.
Thanks for any info.

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