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1 Feb 18, 2011 13:03    

I have been using b2evo on some of my adult blogs and would like to showcase 2 of them here. If you are opposed by adult themes, please, don't even look at my sites (and moderators feel free to delete my post if this is against your terms).
@sam2kb was so kind to make some important plugins for my sites and tweaked several funtions. I can highly recommend his services. My designer made the skins and I tried to coordinate everything :-) Asian Zilla
This is a multilevel site consisting of a daily blog on main page, review site, news archives in combination with other scripts. It took awhile to create design and plugins. It's still a bit of work to do. Travel Escort Guide
Actually, this is a directory. I used b2evo to import databases and we created each category as an individual blog with possibility for own skin. Sam2kb developed a plugin/script that would generate thumbnails from websites. It's very sophisticated because it works with redirects and various admin functions like thumb refresh and custom sizes. Another plugin worth mentioning is a bread crumb navigation in menu bar.

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