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1 Feb 21, 2011 08:43    

I just moved my 0.9.1 site from one server to another. Once the migration was complete, all my Japanese posts and categories became unreadable ??? marks.

I cannot write new posts to the blog in Japanese using b2--all unreadable.

On the previous server I did not have this problem.

In the database, all the tables are set to utf-8. My Japanese b2 install is also set to utf-8 and user is set to Japanese locale. The default charset is utf-8 and I have utf-8 doctype in all my skins.

I can write directly to the MySQL using PhpMyAdmin and writing in Japanese to the posts table. Obvously this is an inconvient way to create posts. I cannot post via b2 -- becomes unreadable. English is ok.

Here is my MySQL version is 4.1.12.

PHP Version 4.3.9

Apache Version Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS)

The server is running CentOS and Plesk 8.0 control panel.

Any ideas?



2 Feb 21, 2011 21:32

Did you export the database with mysqldump or from phpmyadmin interface?
Can you read old posts in phpmyadmin?
Can you give a link to migrated wesite?

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