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1 Aug 30, 2004 11:45    

i'm using b2evo
when i install and change to the zh_TW locales, it seems not work.
many code using function T_(XXX) does not translating Chinese word

so i copied message.po from japanese locale then modified those setences to chinese by poEdit.
!!Amazing, it worked fine!!

just download this file,
extract, and replace messages.po in
i've translated 55%

then i test another two chinese locales on my machine
gb2312 in /locales/zh_CN can work, but
utf8 in /locales/zh_CN_utf8 can't work...:!:

i just wondered what different between
/locales/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po and
/locales/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po :?:

sorry for my poor English :p

2 Sep 07, 2004 12:21

anybody hear me?
can't working...

3 Sep 11, 2004 10:42

I try to install the locales come with the original release b2evo v, but I get my blog invisible. Then I replace the origin messages.po with the one you post. Amazing, it gets work. Thanks Jimmy

4 Sep 11, 2004 18:09

Edit the file \locales\zh_TW\_global.php
search this Line,

$trans['zg_TW'] = array(

then correct ['zg_TW'] to ['zh_TW']

no need to find extract any more,
just try it, if you want use TC .... :lol:

HappYsiMON secret base (chinese)

5 Sep 11, 2004 20:35


i've try it, follow what u say, u are right, it can work.
but i tried to extract messages.po, it suddenly became English....>"<?

so correct this code can work when first time installing b2evolution,
but can't do more extract, how do u think?

6 Sep 11, 2004 21:58

Hi jimmy:

I agree with you, correct this code is working during the first time installing b2evolution, I think that?s why they made the origin setting of _locales.php $allow_po_extraction = 0.

Compare to what I meet, you are luckier.
I try to do the extract action, and the website,
Guess what?s happening....the blog disappears. :roll:

And I also find some problems. After saving the editing commands it won?t back to the articles automatically. So I reinstall my site again with your method. I think that is more stable. :lol:

HappYsiMON secret base (chinese)

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