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1 Apr 27, 2011 12:40    

I just found out this site today:

Has anyone tried to implement this into b2evolution?

Might be a good alternative because it is more widely used.

3 Feb 12, 2012 04:04

JRawly wrote:

I created one of these today
tells that

[url=]vbStopForumSpam[/url] by pedigree (vB 3.6-3.8, 4.0) no longer in development

While the plugin is probably under GPL, the reason that other developers don't continue its development that authorship and ownership remain with original author.

Will you waive yours in case you stop tp develop it?

4 Mar 23, 2012 13:49

TBH - you can block all spammy address from your hosting, it's quite nice :)

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