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1 Jun 19, 2011 21:47    

My b2evolution Version:

Hi all,

Been figuring out this blog stuff for a couple of weeks. I am currently using the Photoblog skin on my site which is

I would love to add a column to this template. All I would want in said column is a box with all of the available tag words, so a potential customer could click, as an example, the tagword "1911" and have all posts tagged 1911 show up.

Is this possible? If so, how difficult will it be? Im a super newb to this stuff.

Thank you


2 Jun 19, 2011 21:48

Also realized I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. My apologies. Feel free to move it to the correct location.

3 Jun 20, 2011 17:38

What you need is called "Tag cloud widget", you can add it to the blog on Blog settings > Widgets page. I didn't quite understand where you want to place it though.

4 Jun 20, 2011 23:19

Thank you sam2kb. Thats what I was looking for. Any idea how to move it out of the "page top" and into a non-existing sidebar?

5 Jun 21, 2011 02:48

You need to create a sidebar and add new widgets container there. Edit index.main.php

Container code

skin_container( NT_('Sidebar'), array(
		'block_start' => '<div class="$wi_class$">',
		'block_end' => '</div>',
		'block_display_title' => false,
	) );

6 Jul 20, 2013 22:11

Hi Sam,

I have added this to the photoblog. Also started using widgets.
But the issue is the post is pushed downwards on the page. Here is the link:

Can you tell me how to bring the post up from the top of page?

7 Jul 22, 2013 14:31

Can Anybody help?

8 Jul 22, 2013 15:24

You might want to invest a few hours into learning CSS and especially CSS positioning of elements on a page. This will be useful for the rest of your online life ;)

Once you know the basics you can use a tool like the firebug Firefox extension to look at the current CSS that applies to elements on your page and tweak it until it fits your needs.

9 Jul 23, 2013 14:32

Hi Fran├žois,

Thanks. I have been doing that.
But I could not find if the issue is in CSS or in PHP.
I really could use some expert opinion.


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