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1 Nov 29, 2011 13:25    

My b2evolution Version: 4.1.x

I am just getting started with this and using version 4.1.2.
This is the second clean install, since the first one resulted in the same error!
I set up some things, start a test-blog, make different users and everything seems to work fine, until, when I log is as administrator and try to change the default session time, I get following error:

Incorrect crumb received! [loginform]

Your request was stopped for security reasons.

Have you waited more than 120 minutes before submitting your request?

Please go back to the previous page and refresh it before submitting the form again.

Alternatively, you can try to resubmit your request with a refreshed crumb:

This happens for any user that tries to log in now. I think the default session timeout was at seven days, and I changed it to 30 minutes.
When clicking "apply", all hell broke loose.

Since this happened in my first install too (hence the second clean install), and I clearly don't fill out the correct querry in Google, I hope someone can help me here?

2 Nov 29, 2011 13:51

Maybe just for clarity: I am currently still running everything on my local computer to test everything and to make sure I don't run in to this kind of things on the actual website...

3 Nov 29, 2011 23:36

Moved to bugs section.

Try to set timeout to 120 minutes or higher.

4 Nov 30, 2011 06:42

Yeah, that's kind of the problem; I can't!
The only thing I can do is enter credentials (any) and then it gives me this nice little page :(

Is there a way to change the settings in some other way (i.e. in what file is the default delay time stored), so I can continue testing this -so far otherwise wonderful- piece of software?

6 Nov 30, 2011 08:43

Splendid! This worked like a charm!
I would have to admit that indeed, this could be considered as a (rather large) bug, but hey, that's just me :D
Otherwise VERY happy with the software!

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