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1 Jan 24, 2012 13:33    

When writing a blog article there are several buttons under the body text field. WYSIMYG, Preview, "Save & Edit", Save and "Publish!".

WYSIMYG, Preview, "Save & Edit" and Save are all related to editing and formatting the article. Whereas the "Publish!" button is changing the "Visibility / Sharing" aspect of the article.

I do keep hitting the "Publish!" button by mistake (then I have to delete it and re-create it otherwise it won't send the pings out again). I realise that it is a time saver but I also think that it is an unnecessary button because you can set the "Visibility / Sharing" flag to publish in the proper section when you explicitly want to publish the article.

At the very least there should be a flag to stop the "Publish!" button from being displayed.

2 Mar 02, 2012 07:05

In b2evolution v5 there's a setting to select default post visibility status for each blog. If you set it to "draft" the publish button will not be shown and you will not even need to select the status every time.

4 May 22, 2012 19:08

You can do this with CSS too, just add this to /skins_adm/chicago/rsc/css/chicago.css

form#item_checkchanges div.edit_actions input[name="actionArray\[create_publish\]"] { display: none !important }

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