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1 Sep 13, 2004 22:29    

I have installed the latest version of b2evo with sucess. Due to the setup of my website, I need to access the blogs and admin from within an IFRAME contained within a page.


jdisplay.htm has an IFRAME with the source pointing to, where b2e is installed

The problem occurs when I attempt to login. I enter a valid username/password and the b2e application keeps returning me back to the login form.

After reviewing many previous forum entries, I understand that this is a cookie related issue, but I am not sure how to get around this so that I can access the blog and all admin functions from within the IFRAME contained within the webpage.

Any assistance that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

2 Sep 13, 2004 22:45

Does it work when you go directly to the page, not through the frame?

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