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Any plan for IFTTT channeling?

Started by on Feb 02, 2012 – Contents updated: Feb 02, 2012

Feb 02, 2012 06:02    

I came across IFTTT (if this then that) web service today finding it might be pretty useful sharing things around social sites. So I checked what kind of socials it supports, and voila, B2evolution isn't one of them.

I used to use WP for my blogging, but it had some errors I couldn't avoid when posting a message. Then I moved over to B2evolution which I'm having ok experience with. Well IFTTT does support WP though with bunch of others.

I wonder if IFTTT has a plan on B2evolution any time soon. For those who are curious about what IFTTT is, [url=]HERE[/url] is the link for it.

Feb 09, 2012 06:32

I didn't find a way to submit custom "recipes" to support other apps. It looks like IFTTT devs make them, not users

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