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1 Feb 06, 2012 17:22    


I had a whole page of stats from a spammer, and I clicked the "ban" button on the top one, not realizing that one (out of the entire page) was for one of my own websites ... :roll:

I removed it from my local blacklist ... can an admin here remove it from all the centralized servers? The last thing I want is to ban myself!

The keyword that I accidentally banned:

I appreciate the centralized blacklist, and all that you do here, as it helps keep the spam down. :)

-Robert Treskillard

3 Feb 08, 2012 03:50

btw sorry for my initial immature response but i just couldnt help it.

You may want to contact FP (main dev.) @b2evolution on twitter or facebook.AFAIK he is in charge of it, and doesnt stop much by the forums

4 Feb 08, 2012 03:54

Well ... it really is one of those LOL situations! I'm actually very technical, I just clicked too fast for my own good. Shot myself in the url, you might say.

Thanks for the advice...!

5 Feb 08, 2012 05:51

Don't worry about it.

Your domain will only make it into central blacklist only if a number of other systems submit it.

6 Feb 11, 2012 23:26

Should not the procedure be symmetric?
If someone reports a domain, then s/he should have ability to unreport it (report that he removes it)?

Then, what about compromised computers? Are the owners (or who may concern) informed about reports?

Otherwise, it is easy tool to dump competitors and reports from "a number of other systems" are not so difficult for abusers

7 Feb 28, 2012 01:58

I'm the janitor who still pushes a mop round the spam stuff. Never fear, I will remove your website from the list, Robert! But as Sam2kb says, you've nothing to worry about anyway. We have strict criteria for publishing a spam listing, and unless several others reported it (and various other things are true) your site was never in contention.

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