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[4.0.5] Flash and Reg Tag Cloud Not Grabbing Page

Started by on Feb 07, 2012 – Contents updated: Feb 07, 2012

Feb 07, 2012 08:16    

My b2evolution Version: 4.0.5

Hi - not sure how I can correct this. The Flash Tag Cloud (very cool! :D ) isn't grabbing the tag to go to the page on this blog.

The Regular Tag Cloud isn't working on the below link to blog either, but works on Home Blog. Went through WinMerge to compare the files -- all are identical with coding (only minor difference stating color for the skin).


Feb 08, 2012 06:18

Tag links are invalid



Instead of



Have you edited files in /inc directory?

Feb 08, 2012 21:48

The links are invalid? Hmmm.... the tags were added by the blogger when the post was written in 2.4.2. Is it possible that with the upgrade, the code got changed?

No, I haven't edited any files in /inc directory. Where do I begin, if I need to?

Feb 09, 2012 04:54

Actually you shouldn't edit files at all :)

Try to change all URL schemes to "extra path" on Blog settings > URLs

Feb 09, 2012 05:17

Hot Dog! Sam2kb, you are THE MAN! Wahoo!!! - they both work. :)

Most interestingly, the Home Page works fine without changes to settings; the 'Blog Base URL' has always been on 'extra path' and perhaps this is the difference and why the cloud had always worked on that blog.

Anyway, I'll change all the bloggers URLs in case they want to use the tag clouds.

Many thanks for your suggestion. :)

Feb 09, 2012 05:57

The good thing is that you found a bug.
I've just fixed it in v5 ;)

Feb 09, 2012 19:56

Oh cool! Glad that I could be of help. :)
I'm surprised that no one has come across this problem before, or maybe they thought it didn't work in their blog and decided not to use it. Hard to know for sure....

Feb 09, 2012 20:03

Most people use "extra path" URLs since it's a default setting

Feb 09, 2012 20:14

Ah, I see. Years ago EdB had me change the URLs because the permalinks weren't working correctly in 2x and/or there was some weird bolding bug where the entire blog was in bold.

Anyway, glad that the cloud problem is fixed.

Again many thanks for your help. :)

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