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1 Sep 16, 2004 22:05    

I am not really sure how to install my blog into my webpage....the manuel is little difficult for a deaf person to understand...i would appreciate ur time and support in telling me what to can see where i have gone wrong

Thank u for ur time in advance :D

2 Sep 16, 2004 22:50

Um... it's not a talking manual so I don't understand how it can be uniquely difficult for a deaf person to - oh I get it!!!

How do you have your blogs setup in your back office? Blogs Tab, select a blog, look at "access parameters". If you are using the basic default installation then it comes up with the middle of three options checked. That would make the type of URLs I see when I click on one of your blog links - where it says "......index.php?blog=2". The top button can only be checked for one blog, and the third button requires creating stub files. Creating stub files is no big deal but you don't need to unless you want your urls to say "..../deafgossip.php" instead of ".....index.php?blog=2". There might be other groovy benefits of stubs that I take for granted because I use stub files in any installation I intend to keep.

If your access parameters look like they make sense (only one button one, button 2 for all others, and button 3 only if you've created the stubs) then consider renaming the file called 'default.php' as something like 'original_default.php' and see what happens. Whatever you did to make the blog portion show up under the flash banner thing might also have to be dealt with but I don't know how you did that. If all you did was point to a folder then renaming the file should not interfere. If you pointed to a file name then point it to index.php in your blog folder. I think the official order of file names to look at has default after index but one other person was getting default before index. I think it's worth testing by renaming. And if things go from bad to worse you can always rename it like it was.

Anyway check your access parameters and rename default. That ought to get you going where you want to be.

3 Sep 18, 2004 00:05


Thank you for ur support but I am having trouble understanding what u mean - I didn't put it there...someone else did and has disappeared.

I tried to fix it but I seems to make a mess of everything...

Would anyone care to tell me in a baby language the instructions of what to will be very much appreciated. It has been there for days now and my visitors are emailing me by the hundred asking me what this is! >:-<

Thank you for your time in advance

4 Sep 18, 2004 00:41

Do you have the admin password? If so you can go to and log in. The blogs tab and the setup for each blog will make more sense after seeing what's back there. If you do not have the admin password can you get it, or is the person who set you up completely unavailable? Another thought is do you know the email account of the admin person? The link I gave you has an option to have a new password emailed, but it goes to the admin's email account.

I see that crazycyber-hosting has Cpanel, which probably means they have a thing called phpmyadmin. Can you log on to your hosting account? If so you can use phpmyadmin to change the admin email id, but that's not the easy way. The best way is to be able to log in to your b2evolution account as admin.

Let me know if you have the admin password or can log on to your hosting account and we'll take it from there.

5 Sep 18, 2004 07:15

Morning EdB

Thank you for getting back to me quickly...i have access to both my b2 back office and cpanel of crazycyber-hosting.

Will u be able to go thru this with me via msn or do u want my b2 access details.

I will make it worth your while :-)

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