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[4.x] Smilies are referenced via https

Started by on May 06, 2012 – Contents updated: May 06, 2012

May 06, 2012 08:13    

I connect to the admin pages of my blog using https.
When I create a new blog entry, any smilies I use are referenced via https in the final blog entry. If I use http to create an entry, the smilies URLs use http.
I think the smilies URL should not be dependent on the protocol used to create or edit posts.
Note that this may have been a problem from way before 4.x I only noticed it in 4.x (actually, a viewer told me...)

May 08, 2012 06:31

The plugin uses $rsc_path and $rsc_url defined in /conf/_advanced.php

Make sure you don't use https scheme for $rsc_url
Can you post a link to your website?

May 17, 2012 08:55

Hmm, $rsc_url is defined this way:
$rsc_url = $baseurl.$rsc_subdir;

That means if $baseurl is https, $rsc_url would be as well.
And I indeed set $baseurl to https with this check:
$baseurl = ( ((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && ( $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'off' ) ) ? ...

I have changed the smilies URLs manually in the database, so I can't demonstrate it right now...
But I'll try replacing $baseurl with a hardcoded string in the $rsc_url definition.

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