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Started by on Jul 19, 2012 – Contents updated: Jul 19, 2012

1 Jul 19, 2012 18:08    

For those, looking for a worry-free b2evolution hosting, feel free to pm me.

I've had my fair share of hosting problems over the years, and at some point i've had enough of it due to unresolved issues, so decided to set up my own dedicated server.

I've been testing it over 3 months and everything runs smoothly with 100.00% up time.You can check detailed response times and up time records here:

Bottomline: if you need help with your b2evolution hosting, i can help you out, cant promise it would be as cheap as global providers of course.

2 Jul 19, 2012 22:28

Can you show some specs, like X GB bandwidth, X GB space, what control panel, PHP and mysql versions?
It's a shared environment with shared server resources, right?

3 Jul 20, 2012 22:56

The hardware of the server is as follows:
Processor: Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3440
Disk - 2x1TB SATA2

Panel: Cpanel
Mysql: 5.1.63
PHP: 5.3.14
Datacenter - Netherlands
OS: CentOS 5.8 Final
Overall Traffic 5TB

It's pretty empty and i am not planning to fill it up to make money

4 Jul 21, 2012 00:16

That's a good one :)

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