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1 Dec 16, 2004 18:20    

I got a little problem.
I decided to change a site from dcp-portal with some few users, just about 1100.
I wrote a little script to copy all users from dcp-portals userlist to b2evo
then I found out that it is realy hard to go trough the user-list to make all admins on that site to have some better
I don't like the long-long userlist in the administration. how can I make that one a little shorter????

2 Dec 18, 2004 19:50

I'm really not sure you're using the right script. b2evo really wasn't designed to handle that many users. To make b2evo easy to use with that many users, you'll have to make some pretty extreme modifications.

3 Dec 20, 2004 15:49

what, do you call that many users?? I don't understand you, it's just some few users... well I'll have to modify user administration a little then.... :D realy weird... it says multiuser, and when I got some few users... hmmm.... many users is 10000+ I think...
extreme modifications, nonono, not for me...

ehrmm... can you recommend another free system or should I rewrite that little part?

(got it running with the same auth system as Phorum to :D that was just to easy to do...)

4 Dec 21, 2004 03:20

1100 is a lot of users for a blog. Maybe not for a forum, but b2evo isn't a forum.

I agree that you'd be better off with using a different script as a portal.

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