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1 Oct 07, 2012 23:07    

I just noticed that MS Word has an option to create a blog post and simply connect it with one's blog. The options for providers currently includes Blogger, WordPress, etc. Is there a way to set this up for B2? That would be totally awesome!

2 Oct 08, 2012 15:31

You may be able to make Word think that your b2evolution blog is a wordpress blog. Use the most recent version possible for this. Sam2kb has recently made a lot of changes to the API to make it support more WordPress-like calls.

3 Oct 08, 2012 18:05

You will have to wait for b2evo 5 which supports WordPress API.

I doubt you can do much in v4.1 , anyway try to select movable type API

4 Oct 12, 2012 20:43

Thanks guys - I'll just wait for 5. Looking forward to it!

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