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1 Feb 06, 2005 23:44    

Hi B2 Evo People :)

Will my previous posts to still be picked up by search engine robots even when they roll off the main page?. Or do I need a way to automatically archive them in static HTML on the fly?

2 Feb 07, 2005 00:07

If you have links to your archives on your front page, then they'll be crawled.

3 Feb 07, 2005 00:43

That's great! Thanks Graham! :D

4 Feb 10, 2005 01:36

The crawlers are able to interpret the php url parameters such as "?disp=arcdir" as a valid site address?

And if so, I notice the HTML 'head' section for the archive directory has a robots tag with "noindex, follow" specified.

The way I read it, the follow would indicate that they'll be crawled, but the noindex means that they won't be indexed? Shouldn't I change that to "index, follow" if I want my old blogs to be indexed by the search engine bot?

5 Feb 10, 2005 01:41

Tags in the document head refer to the specific page - not anything beyond that page.

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