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1 Feb 08, 2005 07:56    

How do you deal with referral spam with b2? I have stats turned off, but they still fill my referral stats which prevents me from knowing who is actually referring visitors to my site.

2 Feb 08, 2005 08:31

Keep your antispam table up-to-date.
Delete/ban/report offenders.

Note that you will need to click the " [Request abuse update from centralized blacklist!]" link until the "Latest update timestamp" at the top of the offending keyword list matches the "New latest update timestamp" at the bottom of the list. When it matches the list will only have one keyword.

Also try the online manual or the using the forum search function if you're into doing a little hacking. This topic has been covered extensively and there is no single answer to it. Whatever of the various hacking methods you choose to use, it starts with your antispam table and delete/ban/report offenders who hit you first.

3 Feb 08, 2005 21:59

if your using b2evo stats to check your referers, thats the simple answer. For those that dont want "undesirable traffic" at ALL, use awstats or something similar, or check their raw logs for anomolies and whatnot, the answers are more than that

the built-in spam function wont prevent 'them' from using/abusing your site or from showing up in another running logs.

More threads on referer spam:

4 Feb 08, 2005 22:47

i just edited my skin so it doesn't display referrers. i can still view them via the admin interface, but they have no reason to fill up my referer logs now because they're not publicly visible. this saves me the hassle of reporting them or using a 3rd party log analyzer.

5 Feb 08, 2005 23:03


you will see that just because they have no reason doesnt mean they will stop :)

for what it's worth, I got 2 hits of trackback spam over the weekend on my wp blog. since it seems the larger blog userbases tend to get hit first, then the smaller ones, it's probably a matter of time before b2evo blogs start seeing that as well.

there is a simple php snippit that works only if you have a few troublesome people trying to exploit trackbacks that ive already tested but ive just set up another simple htaccess rule that blocks trackbacks that arent sent the 'normal way'. We'll see how successful that is.

I recommend folks take a look at their apache logs some time (fascinating shit in there). Within minutes of editing my .htaccess there was an attempted hit by one of the sites it blocked.

6 Feb 08, 2005 23:12

yeah, i use the anti-spam tool to report and delete the trackback spammers.

true that my method won't block the referral spammers, but i saw a significant decline in referral spammers within two days of hiding referrals from public view. :-)

oh, and btw, the antispam db seems to be down:

"Reporting abuse to
Remote error: Insert attempt failed. (804)"

7 Feb 09, 2005 05:20

gpf wrote:

oh, and btw, the antispam db seems to be down:

"Reporting abuse to
Remote error: Insert attempt failed. (804)"

I am having problems too. I get this message though:

Requesting abuse list from
Latest update timestamp: 2005-02-04 14:25:49

Remote error: Invalid return payload: enabling debugging to examine incoming payload (2)


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