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1 Feb 12, 2005 14:57    

I feel like this should be easy - but perhaps I'm just having a blonde day....

I don't want one of my bogs displayed on the main index.php - at the moment ALL my blogs display as posts there.

I do want it in categories still - just don't want the individual posts displayed.

Any ideas?

2 Feb 12, 2005 18:53

Check your back office settings. What is your "preferred access type" in the Blogs tab, under Access Parameters?

Is it ... "Default blog on index.php"?

If it is, then go to the Settings Tab. What do you have for "Default blog to display" under Display Options?

If it's "All Blogs", then switch it to the blog you WANT to display.

Hope that's it. :)

3 Feb 13, 2005 00:53

you can hide a blog in the bloglist, but the posts of that blog will allways be shown in the all-blog.

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