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1 Feb 21, 2005 04:59    

Alright... bare with me hear... is my blog...

My cousin asked me if i could give her one to... Figured that since b2 evo is "easy" to use i could just add her name, create a profile, and boom done :)

But no... i've tried everything that i know how to do, and whenever she logs in and posts, it posts on both hers and mine...

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?!?

2 Feb 21, 2005 05:12

I think I can point you in the right direction. b2evo is setup to have an "all blog" which aggregates the posts from all the individual blogs onto one page. That appears to be what you've established your personal blog on.

When you setup a blog for your cousin her posts are being added to your blog because you are using the "all blog".

I'm not the one to ask for how best to fix the problem, but perhaps you could search around a bit here in the forums or in the docs for a simple solution.

3 Feb 21, 2005 07:08

Yep - it does sound like your blog is the all blog.

Set up another blog for yourself and don't post to the all blog (in admin under the blogs tab it is number 1 on your list)

Then you can post in your blog and she can post in hers and never the twain shall meet.... well... until you point your browser to the all

4 Feb 21, 2005 16:31

Ok :)

And just so i don't screw this up...can i move my blog over so i don't need to start it all over again?

5 Feb 21, 2005 18:24

Assuming that you made a blog for you other than blog 1 (lets say blog 3) and that your sousin has blog 2.

Open the file /conf/_admin.php and look for

 * Cross posting
 * Possible values:
 *   - 0 if you want users to post to a single category only
 *   - 1 if you want to be able to cross-post among multiple categories
 *   - 2 if you want to be able to cross-post among multiple blogs/categories
 *   - 3 if you want to be able to change main cat among blogs (which will move the
 *       posts from one blog to another; use with caution)
 * @global int $allow_cross_posting
$allow_cross_posting = 3;

Change this to 3 (normally it will be 0 or 1)

 * Moving chapters between blogs?
 * @global bool $allow_moving_chapters
$allow_moving_chapters = true;

Change this from false to true

Open the admin part of your blog and go to the tab categories.
You will now be able to move categories to an other blog.

Use with caution, maby even try it with a categorie with just 1 post in it.

6 Feb 22, 2005 00:54

Would you be willing to do that for me. if i were to give you login info etc?

Because it is me, and i will probably break it :)

7 Feb 22, 2005 01:27

If you're not too keen on hacking your way through it like Topanga suggested, you could always just cut and paste each entry. I'm not sure how many entries that would be. It won't exactly be fun, but it shouldn't be too daunting either.

8 Feb 22, 2005 18:13

I can do it for you, with all pleasure.
You can pm me, I can do it while you are online with msn,.. whatever...

The way I discribed it, is not a 'hack' way, it is the 'normal' way, but offcourse, everything can go wrong while doing it. (murphy told us that ;))

9 Feb 23, 2005 00:58

That's true, "hacking" wasn't the proper term. Topanga's way is the documented way to move posts from one blog to another, however, it is pretty creepy nonetheless.

I've actually had to do it once myself, and I admire Topanga for being willing to put some time in to help. Very nice.

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