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1 Feb 22, 2005 02:29    

Hi All,
I was wondering if there was a way to have b2evolution display ONLY the titles of posts on the main page, and in order to view a post the user would have to click the title.

For an example, check out
My blog is at

Clearly i like to mix a lot of pictures in with my posts, and by displaying it this other way i could not only LIST way more postings on the main page at a time (sushicam has immediate access to all 300 posts, no need to keep clicking NEXT or search through a calendar), but i could add more pictures to each post without each user needing to load tons of pictures whenever they go to my page.


2 Feb 22, 2005 05:06

metal -

Had a look at sushi-cam. Seems to me that what's there is a LOT like the 'arcdirurl' ... essentially an archive listing. Have a look at the PHP code in the _archive.php file in your /skins/custom folder (and maybe that file calls the _archive.php file in the /skins folder) ... one of those files basically generates a linked list of all your blogs.

Seems like what you'd want to do would be to have the archive list presented as your main page. Then clicking a link would take you to that particular entry. Hmmm, sounds interesting. I'll have to give it some more thought.

Also, if you like lots of photos on your page, but want some room, check out my [url=]pure-CSS photo zoom[/url], which uses a single image file to present a thumbnail view, until the user hovers their mouse over it ... then BOOM, full-size image. I think you might like it. ;)

3 Feb 22, 2005 19:05

Whoa! Thanks for that photo recommendation, I LOVE it - i just put up a trial-run post, hopefully my readers will feel the same way.

Regarding the archive listing concept, you're exactly right about what I'm trying to do, unfortunately I have zero experience in php, so if you do by chance get around to exploring the topic further and have any recommendations, that would be awesome.

But thanks again for your help so far! :)

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