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1 Feb 24, 2005 18:43    

Can you install b2evolution on a Cobalt RAQ 4? If so how do you get it to run the install script?

2 Feb 24, 2005 20:38

So I played around and it looks like it will install. I've download the Copenhagen version and it says it requires PHP 4.1 and I only have php 4.0. Do any any of the other versions work with PHP ver 4.0.


3 Feb 24, 2005 20:56

Not that I know of. php4.0 is obsolete now. Hell, we're up to php5. You seriously should upgrade, you'll be finding many programs that won't work with php4.0.

4 Feb 24, 2005 23:13

Well I've found a newer version of PHP. Now it's time to see if I can actually get it work. Thanks

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