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1 Feb 25, 2005 22:39    

ok all this is a stupid question but can anyone point me to where and what I can change within b2?

I know sorry but was not able to find anything

2 Feb 25, 2005 23:10

I have been searching throught the forum and can not find where to remove or turn off the linkblog any suggestions?

Thank In Advance

3 Feb 25, 2005 23:14

You can change almost every single bit of everything if you're into it, but most of the cooler changes require you to edit some php files. Generally speaking you will be changing files in your skin's folder (path is blahblah/skins/your_skin_name/filename.php). Beginning with your _main.php - that is the file that actually makes everything happen. Sometimes, like for the sidebar things, you would want to change one of the other files in your skin folder. As a rule the code is very nicely commented and the variables have names that really help you understand what it is for.

Check out for some common stuff about changing, then decide what you want to change. Visit the forums again, and PLEASE search before you ask for help. Lots of stuff has been answered many times, so searching can often find the answer you need.

For example I see you have a skin that shows the locale flag. Maybe you don't want it, so you look through the manual and through your _main file. In your _main file you see something that talks about "locale flag" so you're pretty close to done. A bit of searching might finish off the task, and if not a question will most of the time get an answer.

Somebody just told me it's *snowing* in ABQ right now. Huh??? It's the end of February, so wasn't winter over like a month ago?

4 Feb 25, 2005 23:16

One other thing I forgot. I see you are running version .....11 - the latest available. Have you applied the security patch to it? On the main page in the top right there is a news section that mentions the need for it and provides links to it. 2 files will need an edit.

5 Feb 25, 2005 23:30

Somebody just told me it's *snowing* in ABQ right now. Huh??? It's the end of February, so wasn't winter over like a month ago?

Yeah kind of freaky for this time of year.. However its on and off ... most of it is coming from the CA all the rain they got... It nice we need it. EdB thank you for your time... I'm not really good at php or css still learning it all .. and thank you for the heads up on the security patches.

6 Feb 25, 2005 23:36

Well at least the patch was easy .... :D

7 Feb 25, 2005 23:46

If the patch was easy the rest will be okay too. Turning off the linkblog is really REALLY easy. Go to your back office (admin area) and select the blogs tab, then the blog you want to have no linkblog (which might be all of them but you have to do it one by one) then select "None" in the dropdown box for "Default linkblog".

Your skin might not have the correct code to listen to that command, but one step at a time. IF the above method doesn't work I'm sure the rest of the hackage answers are around here somewhere.

8 Feb 26, 2005 00:21

Actually I pulled these 2 peices of code from my _main.php

	<div class="bSideItem">
    <h3><?php echo T_('Choose skin') ?></h3>
			<?php // ---------------------------------- START OF SKIN LIST ----------------------------------
			for( skin_list_start(); skin_list_next(); ) { ?>
				<li><a href="<?php skin_change_url() ?>"><?php skin_list_iteminfo( 'name', 'htmlbody' ) ?></a></li>
			<?php } // --------------------------------- END OF SKIN LIST --------------------------------- ?>

This one to get rid of the flag

and this one

	<?php } ?>

		<?php	// -------------------------- BLOGROLL INCLUDED HERE -----------------------------
			require( dirname(__FILE__)."/_linkblog.php");
			// -------------------------------- END OF BLOGROLL ---------------------------------- ?>

To get rid of the linkblog. Was that ok???

- achild

9 Feb 26, 2005 00:28

It certainly does do the job eh?

I made a mistake earlier. The linkblog should have just gone away by telling the back office "None". It's the skin changer that sometimes doesn't go away when you tell the back office to NOT allow skin switching. Your version is the old way - the new way has a little bit that says "if skin switching is allowed then do all this skin stuff".

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