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1 Mar 01, 2005 15:22    

This is a fairly trivial hack to use an alternative, local spellchecker.

I use this spellchecker on my phpBB forum:

I was able to get it running on my b2evo blog as well. It's pretty easy to set up using the native_mysql setup of the scripts.

Simple setup procedure:
Download script package and a dictionary from the master-technology site and unpack.
Open common/spell_config.php and edit database info.
Create a directory called "spelling" in your "admin" directory.
Upload the files in the "common" directory to "spelling".
Open native_mysql/spellmessage.js and change all references of "message" to "content".
Upload the files in native_mysql directory to "spelling" directory.
(Note - the files all go into the "spelling" directory - no sub-directories should be created)
Upload dictionary file to "spelling" directory.
Go to www.yoururl/admin/spelling/spell_admin.php and install the dictionary.
(Note - the dictionary words get inserted into the database)
Open admin/_edit_form.php and replace

	if( $use_spellchecker )
	{ // ------------------------------- SPELL CHECKER ---------------------------------- ?>
		<input type="button" value="<?php echo T_('Spellcheck') ?>"
		onclick="DoSpell('post','content','');" tabindex="11" />
	<?php }


	if( $use_spellchecker )
	{ // ------------------------------- SPELL CHECKER ---------------------------------- ?>
		<script language='javascript' src='spelling/spellmessage.js'></script>
   <input type="button" class="" value="Spell Check" onclick="openspell();">
	<?php }


2 Apr 06, 2005 15:24

Thank you, thank you JKO!

I was getting irritated with not being able to add my own words into the default spell-checker that came with b2e.

Your instructions worked like a charm.

3 Apr 06, 2005 16:19

I usee the spellch4cker extenshin for firefoxx, wurks on almust nething. 8|

4 May 24, 2005 19:21

Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

You forgot to say that we need also to:
- unzip spell_MySQL.php from native_mysql to "spelling" directory
- in spell_config.php comment line $Spell_Config['DB_Type'] = 'PHPBB';
- in spell_config.php uncomment line // $Spell_Config['DB_Type'] = 'MySQL';

Hope it helps,


5 Jul 15, 2005 22:57

Hi all,

This is a great spellchecker, but has anyone had any luck integrating with the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor?

I can get the spellchecker to open O.K. but not close and update the contents of the WYSIWYG editor with the corrections from the spellcheck...

6 Nov 23, 2005 10:09

Thnaks o much for this great Plugin
Easy to install even for a code nop like me
one of the best descriptions how to install .
Just missing the German Dic
Is ther something around or do i have make it be miself?
Thnaks agian !!!

7 Nov 24, 2005 07:36

Just want to place short note
have changed the Spell checker butoms for Thesaurus and Definition
to fit more the German and some Translate funktion
so i redirect them to
Code changed in spelling.js in the folder Spell

function Open_Definition(The_Word)
{""+The_Word, "dictionary", "width=630,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=500");

function Open_Thesaurus(The_Word)
{""+The_Word+"&s=thesaurus", "dictionary", "width=630,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=500");

function Suggest_Word(The_Word_ID, The_Word)

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