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1 Mar 02, 2005 03:08    

I'm trying to set B2 up to ping blogrolling, but not having much luck. I'm not the most experienced programmer.

It uses the same ping service/tech specs as weblogs, with a modification to where your pinging, so it should be as simple as cut-n paste. However I seem to be having no luck.

Has anyone succesfully done this, and if so, how?


2 Mar 02, 2005 23:41

If you're talking about, you have to ping directly from their ping form. You should see that on your nagivation menu when you sign in at their site (I have to do this every time I update since I use blogrolling too).

3 Mar 02, 2005 23:43

Btw, if you just bookmark the ping form it's really not all that much trouble. I know it sounds like a pain. The only part that stinks is if you're forgetful. :p

4 Mar 03, 2005 03:49

You can modify the ping functions (functions_ping.php) i believe.

If you find the script for weblogs ping, you can change it to pingomatic. Pingomatic pings about 12 services, including weblogs and blogrolling!

You'll get the respons (pinging 12 service, thanks!) when it's fixed.

I am doing this now and it works great


5 Mar 03, 2005 04:15

Hey...can you get to where it only pings B2 and Blogrolling only? Like I don't want it to ping a whole bunch of them?

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